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Name - Bethany Lynne Ehrhart
Nickname - Beth
Age - 15
Gender - female
Location - venice florida
sexual preference - whether i liek boys or girls? well its boys
status[[pics]]?? single but i dno with him i guess youd say
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Promote us to at least one other person & SHOW THE LINK[S].They will be checked :

Best Quality - sarcasim
Worst Quality - sometimes i jump the gun and get mad easily
Pet Peeve - when people sniff and dont blow their nose
What makes you unique - my music taste
Personal Goal - to become an actress
Make us Laugh - so when i was little i thought itd be cool to mail myself a fake harry potter hogwarts school letter to fake being a witch and telling my mom i got accepted at hogwarts.. yeha .. nerd i am
Most Embarassing Moment - when i walked into my class and didnt know a wasp was on me and i ran up and down the rows trying to get it off me
Proudest Moment - winning Vice President again after feeling put down cuz one of my friends thought shed get it for sure
Post a picture of something you think represents you, & tell us why.
hmm i like to have fun and be crazy
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List 5 Of Your Favorite Bands/grous/artists.
* Blood Brothers
* Death Cab For Cutie
* He Is Legend
* Bright Eyes
* Copeland
List 3 Movies
* Donnie Darko
* Garden State
* Fast Times at Ridgemont High
List 3 books
* caitlins way (or sumthing like that)
* Cut
* ??
Show us a picture of your hero, & tell us why .

Rachel Bilson is my hero one because she is an all around nice person. two shes beautiful and 3 shes an amazing actress in my opinion.

Abortion - needed in certain cases yah know if someone was raped , got pregnant and didnt want a baby.
Gay Marriage - whatevs
Self Injury - ok
Abstinance - ??
Casual Sex - negatory

What do you think of the Mods?: ♥♥

Give us an Idea for The Next Theme
black and white? i rly dont know lol

Post 6+ Pictures of you.
Include a 200x200 for the members page
If you can, Include a Full Body.
You MUST post a salute, no fakers !

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